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Voice recognition feature added to Roku 3

Roku 2 streaming box has been updated with new features and  performance improvements, similar to Roku 3. The new features include easy search option, viewing filmographies  and others while the update Roku 3 will now come with voice recognition feature.US-My-Feed-1024x665


The updated Roku 2 is now on-par with the Roku 3 in terms of performance and features. Favorites can now be easy accessed via Roku Channel Store by streaming name of the channel. Roku Feed will allow users to follow the content they watch. The feed will include a new ‘Movies Coming Soon’ section that will notify users about the release of box office movies into streaming platforms, including the price of the movie.

Director of product management Lloyd Klarke stated that users of current generation Roku 3 can use the voice-search feature via iOS or Android Roku mobile app. This can be an added benefit for the current Roku users as they can continue using their device, without having to shell out more.

Roku 3 has been updated with a voice recognition feature, and commands are processed by a third-party provider. The voice assistant differs from Apple’s voice-assistant Siri, which interprets locally. The device will carry an updated remote with headphone jack and motion control for gaming. The wireless controller features buttons dedicated to Netflix, YouTube, Google Play and Rdio.

The addition of voice-recognition feature is likely to give a challenge to Apple TV, which boast of Siri feature. Though Roku 2 has received an upgrade, it will lose its headphone jack and motion control in the remote to keep the price low. Roku 3 is priced at $99.99 and Roku 2 is priced at $69.99. The new updated products and features are available in the U.S starting today. In UK, Roku 2 priced at  £69, will be released ion May.

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