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10 Things Every HTC One M9 Owner Should do

HTC One M9 is probably the smartest Android phone in the market which makes it absolutely important for you to know its key features so that you can operate it smoothly. There are some hidden features which you may not know about that will make your device even more awesome. So, in this article, we have jot down some of the most important things every HTC One M9 owner should do after purchasing the device and make your phone more awesome.HTC-One-M9-features

1. Personalizing Your Device

Changing the look of your device had never been this easy. All you need to do is open the Themes app. The company has taken personalizing of the device to a whole new level with the HTC One M9. Starting from wallpapers to navigation buttons to icons, you can now change everything. Depending on your choice you can select from the preloaded lot or download from the web store.

2. Configure Blink Feed

HTC One M9 allows you to choose which social sites you want to see on your blink feed. It just takes a swipe to the left from home screen and all your social networks and location based suggestions are available. You can pick and choose what you wish to see or eliminate the blink feed completely.

3. Improved Battery Life

Although HTC One M9 comes with a pretty good battery backup, still in danger situations you can turn on the in-built power saving mode to secure the battery life.

4. Help at Hand

HTC One M9 comes packed with a help database. All you need to do is open the Help app and search your query and your problem gets solved.

5. Lollipop Features

Like all other Android Lollipop devices, HTC One M9 comes power packed with features like:

    • You’re allowed to lock specific apps on your phone with the help of the screen pinning which will link the apps to the security codes provided.
    • All the apps that provide notifications can be set in a priority level so that you can choose which notification to get and when.
    • With HTC One M9 you can leave all your work reminders with Google Now and it will be your new PA and remind you or do your jobs at your command.

6. Navigation Bar Customization

For the first time, the Sense 7 allows you to customize your own Navigation Bar in the HTC One M9. You can now remove or add buttons according to your own choice and as per your needs.

7. Migration

Transferring data has never been so hassle free. You can either use Tap & Go button while initializing the device or you can use the Get Content From Another Phone feature to get your data from the previous phone.

8. Beginners Ease

HTC One M9 makes the lives of those who are new in the smart phone world. It automatically converts home screen to the HTC dubs Easy Mode when directed so that you can begin learning to use the phone easily.

9. Uh Oh Protection

This is a security program available with HTC One M9 where the company replaces your device completely once on damage due to water or in case of busted screen, provided it is within the warranty period.

10. Sense Home

This feature gets a hang of your habits of using apps and arranges them accordingly. However it may require some amount of time to get used to your app using.

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