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Google changes terms to include user names and photo in web ads & reviews

Google today announced that it will begin to integrate its users profile pictures and names in web advertisements and their friends can see the recommendations as well as +1s.

Google announced to include user names, pictures in ads
Google announced to include user names, pictures in ads

Following the Facebook’s change of terms, Google+’s user profile photos and names can be viewed in the ads anywhere, which is the part of the Google’s new terms of service and the ads will go live from November 11th onwards. And if you use Google without signing into a Google account (including Google+), then this recommended ad format will not show up.

Just imagine the FB ads, such as “suggested page”, which tells you that some of your friends (with their photos & names) already liked it. Here, Google formally called it “shared endorsements” will be used in Maps, Search ads and in Google Play store. The company also believes that using this shared endorsements can help – both you and Google off course!

The ad goes like this: If you have given 3 stars to an android app on Google Play, your friends might see it before they download it. If you gave a +1 for local ABCD toy shop, then your friends will see your +1s when they see the ABCD’s ads through Google.

Hope you got the idea behind this shared endorsement by Google ad if you still want to opt out of these ads, then you should visit this page and scroll down and uncheck the option for removing of your user names and photos in ads and don’t forget to click on “Save“. However, this won’t help, if you post public reviews for places and products.

How not to show your reviews to your friends on Google?

Simple, just don’t post the reviews for places, products and music recommendations in public or just make sure that you are not in any of Google’s websites. Moreover, Google also said that the users below 18 will not be included i any kind of shared endorsements.

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