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Apple educates Apple Watch buyers with ‘Guided Tour’ videos

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has released a series of ‘guided tour’ videos, for introducing people to the main features of the Apple Watch. The company has published four videos, out of the ten videos, set to be released later.apple-watch-guided-tour

The videos showcase messages, watch faces and digital touch. The messages video explains the working of the digital crown’s interaction with the touch screen. The welcome video provides an overview of the hardware and software aspects like friends button, glances and force touch. The other three videos explains customization of watch face and digital touch features that allows users to send sketches, patterns and heartbeat to other Apple Watch users.

The remaining videos include Siri, maps, music, Apple Pay, activity and workout, to be released in the coming days. The videos are informative and is likely to help people to understand the device better. As users might come up with a series of questions, after purchasing the device, the company has decided to help the users in advance.

Apple is set to take pre-orders for the device priced at $349, starting April 10. The premium gold version is priced at $17,000 and the device marks the first new product under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook. Apple had reportedly confirmed that Apple Watch will be sold through a reservation system in the future, though current consumers can avail the device at Apple stores.

Though millions of Apple fans and consumers are likely to purchase the device, the company is showcasing the importance of the device to the users. Apple is encouraging app developers for its mobile payment service, for attracting consumers towards the device. Several wearables in the market had faced the ire of users for its complicated user interface, a reason for its downfall. However, Apple seeks to change the equation with these ‘guided tour’ videos.

Check out the Apple Watch Guided Tour videos:

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