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A flaw that allowed you to delete all YouTube videos fixed

Just like as Google is the most used Search Engine across the globe, YouTube is the name that comes up every time, when any individual is searching for any video. The statistics that YouTube has with reference to the user base and the entities that it has, is astounding enough. But the most astonishing news is that this video streaming site had such a flaw, which would have allowed any hacker to delete all the videos that YouTube has. Just try to imagine the situation, where all the YouTube videos are gone and you are left with a ‘404 Not Found Error’.Flaw that allowed you to delete all YouTube videos fixed

Well, the good news is that you will not have to worry about it any more as the flaw has been taken care of. The man behind this rescue mission is a software developer, Mr. Kamil Hismatullin. According to the reports, the flaw discovered by Kamil, would have allowed him to delete the videos in YouTube’s database. When evil intentions could have taken him over, the man kept his calm and did the right thing by reporting the flaw to Google Inc.

Kamil was granted an amount of $1337 in February to do Vulnerability research on YouTube. Google initiated the Vulnerability Research Grants in January such that they can find out the flaws before anyone with wrong intentions does. After a research of seven approximate hours, Kamil discovered the flaw that allowed him to delete any file that he wants. The exploits in the wrong hands would have certainly created a disaster.

The good thing is that Google has appreciated his efforts and rewarded him with $5000. More than the money, Kamil has stopped the world from getting robbed. The fix came in several hours later, but thankfully nothing was lost.

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