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Climate Change Threatens Coral Reefs of Florida

The studies by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have indicated the fact that climate change is going to affect the coral reefs in Florida. The scientists are of the belief that climate change may impact the coral reefs more than it was supposed to. According to the research, the coral reefs in Florida may even destroyed by the end of the year 2020.florida-coral-reef-climate-change

Coral bleaching occurs predominantly due to the warm water created by climatic changes. Coral bleaching is quite harmful for the corals and sea living situated near the coral reefs. The reef area by the name Florida’s Dry Tortugas was specially mentioned by NOAA for the threat by Coral bleaching.

A substantial number of evidences were retrieved from a supercomputer in order to assess the temperature of ocean water in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Caribbean area. The evidences that have been collected also point out to the fact that coral reefs in Florida are in serious danger due to the effects of coral bleaching.

Ruben van Hooidonk, the lead author of the new study, said:

“Our new local-scale projects will help resource managers better understand and plan for the effects fo coral bleaching. At some locations, referred to in our study as ‘relative refugia,’ lower rates of temperature increase and fewer extreme events mean reefs have more time to adapt to climate change. Managers may decide to use this information to protect these locations as refuges, or protected areas. Or they may take other actions to reduce stressed cause by human activities.”

The impact of coral bleaching and the destruction of coral reefs in Florida will impact the tourism industry by a great deal in Florida. There are a great number of scuba divers who dive into the waters with the intent to view Florida’s coral reefs. However, the danger is lurking in the future of coral reefs in Florida because of coral bleaching.

Coastal runoff, overfishing, acidification and anchor damage are some of the other factors that affect quality of coral reefs in Florida. Hence, apart from the coral bleaching problems, there are a substantial number of other problems that threaten the coral reefs. These factors also need to be acknowledged.

One way that the coral reefs can be protected is by grafting the other types of corals to the reefs. The corals that have to be grafted should be able to survive hostile environmental conditions. Awareness is being created among the people about the effects of climate change on coral reefs of Florida. Hence, it is expected that after such awareness; more and more people will come forward to help the cause.

The complete study can be read in the journal Global Change Biology.

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