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Camel Skeleton from the 17th Century Found by the Researchers

The researchers have successfully managed to uncover a camel skeleton, which is believed to be belonging to the 17th century. According to the researchers, the camel could have lived during the Ottoman-Habsburg war. The camel skeleton has been found out in a refuse pit located in Austria.ottoman-war-camel-skeleton

Alfred Galik, a researcher at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna stated, “Camels are alien species in Europe and Austria, the town of Tulln is closely situated to the large river/stream of the Danube”. Alfred is also one of the scientists that worked on detailing this discovery. He also stated, “The sunken ship phrase should bring together this buried/sunken ship of the desert — with Tulln and the Danube a place where no camels naturally appear.”

According to the initial investigation, camel’s knee bone was found without any sign of arthritis on it. This led to the conclusion that it was a riding animal. Marks on the blades and humerus bones were also found which is actually a sign of the rider going on and off the animal.

The researchers also shared that the camel that was found by them came from a cross breed of a Bactrian camel dad and a dromedary mom. Galik gave a statement which reads, “Hybrids were easier to handle, more enduring and larger than their parents. These animals were especially suited for military use.”

There are rumors that the researchers believe in the camel being ridden by a warrior from the Ottoman army. Galik also said,“That means the cadaver was not butchered, and the flesh was not used — what remains as an untypical behavior, especially in times of war,”

The camel was believed to be 7 years old at the time of its death. It is supposed to be a great achievement for the researchers.

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