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Vegas woman gets $200 distracted driving ticket for applying lip balm at a red light

The Nevada Highway Patrol has brought a new campaign that crackdown the distracted drivers on the Highways. As a result of this, a Las Vegas woman has received a ticket from the police officer for applying a lip balm at the red light signal.nevada-woman-ticketed

Stephanie Fragoso, a lady from Las Vegas said that she was at a red light at I-15 when the incident happened, she was asked by the cop to pull over. In the meanwhile, she asked the officer for the reason, and he replied “it is for applying makeup on the red light.”

At the beginning, she thought the whole scenario was a joke, as the day was April Fools Day, but as soon as, she got the citation, she realized that the same was not a joke. Distracted driving is one of the bad news for the drivers and no one should do that while driving on the road. On that day, she learns that applying lip balm during driving would bring her $200 ticket on her driving record.

The Nevada Highway Patrol officer said, it has a zero level of tolerance for distracted driving. Nevada Highway Patrol trooper Loy Hixson told KLAS,

“[The ordinance] states that when a person is operating a vehicle they must provide full attention to the driving so that it won’t render that action to be unsafe,”

Using cell phones or texting while driving is banned, and these are found everywhere. But, the things happened to Fragoso was a strange one, while comparing to others.

The officer cited pretty examples to Fragoso as,

“We’ve seen women putting on makeup. I have seen men shaving with their electric razors. One time, when I was driving down U.S. 95, I saw a lady watching a movie on her iPad and the iPad was attached to her steering wheel with Velcro.”

By saying this, he advised her not to do this again and watch the road while driving.

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