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The world’s first 4K, 1,000FPS video footage taken by a drone

An entertainment company rigged a drone with a powerful 4K digital camera to capture an amazing stunt video in slow motion at 1,000FPS. The company spent more than $150,000 for the Phantom Flex 4K high-speed digital camera and a modified version of Aerigon drone.drone-4k-camera

For over five years, Brain Farm CEO Curt Morgan had his dream fulfilled as he had always wondered to fly a Phantom on a drone. However, the problem was the 14 pound weight of the 4K digital camera without the viewfinder. Swedish drone manufacturer Intuitive Aerial agreed to help Brain Farm by increasing its power by 40 percent.

“Currently truly is the dawn of a new day,” said Brain Farm.

 The modified version was a six-armed, 12-propeller drone that could lift 30 pounds including the camera and special cradle.  Riggers added an extra 15 pounds of rigging equipment to stabilize the camera. The SUV driven by a professional stunt driver through muddy water was captured by the setup, resulting in amazing footage. The company calls it the most sophisticated drone footage.

The drone captured 4096×2160 pixels of footage at 1,000 frames-per-second, the first of its kind. With more 4K videos, consumers are expected to be attracted to 4K TV sets. A similar trend was created when 1080p HD TV sets made its way into the market, replacing LCD sets.

However 4K video is yet to catch up among users as it requires a fast Internet connection and the TV sets with the feature come with a premium price. David Tett of Futuresource Consulting predicts that 4K resolution will grow swiftly this year though ultra-resolution TV sets will make up about 38 percent of the market by 2018. Users are likely to be frustrated with the 1080p resolution as they look forward to buy 4K TV sets.

Check out the video below:

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