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Snapchat Issues Its First Transparency Report

The first transparency report was issued by Snapchat on Thursday. It detailed more than 300 government requests received by the company for user data in the last 4 months.Snapchat-Logo-large

The data of the report ranged from November 1, 2014 until February 28, 2015. Usually, companies follow a typical six month interval, but Snapchat has adopted a different pattern this time. The explanation of its report was given by Snapchat with this statement, “In the interest of transparency, we figured why wait until we had a full six months of data before publishing our first transparency report.”

The US authorities filed for 375 requests, according to the transparency report issued by Snapchat. 172 of the requests went under a search warrant. On the other hand, 159 of the requests came from a subpoena. Emergency requests were most likely to be rejected. Moreover, no wiretap orders were received by the company.

Snapchat was not able to report the National Security Requests under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act as it needs a six month of reporting delay. More Information requests have been made to Snapchat by countries like Norway, France, The UK and Canada.

The most requests were issued by the UK government with a number of 10. France issued as many as nine requests without requiring Snapchat to turn over the data.

Snapchat enables the users to send pictures and videos that disappear after a fixed period of time. Instances of the retrieval of sent message content has occurred but that’s the case only when its contents had not been removed from the servers. After the recipient has viewed the picture or video, the company removes pictures from its servers. If the message is remained unopened by the user, it is deleted by the company in a matter of 30 days.

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