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Microsoft rewards Hacker $100,000 for Finding Security Loophole

A prominent British hacking expert is set to receive a bounty of $100,000 from Microsoft for finding loopholes in its security software, the highest ever till date by a software company.

The much awaited update for Internet Explorer was also released  which fixed an issue, which made IE users victims of Remote attack.

James Forshaw is the head of vulnerability  research at British Consulting Firm Context Information Security. The reward of $100,000 was for finding a new “exploitation technique” in Windows, which allows itself to defend from any class of attacks, the company said.

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Another bounty of $9400 was also earned by Forshaw for finding bugs in the Beta release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11 browser, Kate Moussouris, senior security strategist of Microsoft Security Response Centre mentioned in her blog post.Forshaw is well known in finding several software security bugs. Hewlett-Packard rewarded a huge bounty for finding a way to “pwn”, a method in which Oracle Java software can be owned during a high-profile contest known as Pwn2Own.

Users of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer would receive an Automatic update for the security bug that was released by Microsoft on Tuesday afternoon.

Chief technology officer of a cyber security firm Beyondtrust advised PC users to install the update if they haven’t set their Automatic updates on.

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