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Apple iPhone 7 Rumors: Specs, Price, Release Date and Leaked Info

With the world still hung up on the concept of iPhone 6, there is already a buzz about Apple iPhone 7. The current smartphone market is already asking questions like: when is it due? What’s new can be expected from the iPhone 7? Will there be any major changes in the designing? How wonderful is it going to be?iPhone_7

The world is not over the iPhone 6 yet and already people are eager to get their hands on the next version of the iPhone i.e. the iPhone 7. Rumored to be released in the month of September of this year, the curiosity of the people is simply brimming up to the maximum level.

What is Apple iPhone 7?

I know it sounds pretty obvious that the next generation Apple phone is being named as iPhone 7, but it isn’t the 7th phone of the series. With the iPhone 6 plus being the 8th or the 9th phone, this is going to be the next phablet of the Apple.Inc. Apple already has three varying sized phone in the market, which belong to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 series. We are now hoping that the iPhone 7 series will include all the three sizes. However, there are rumors that the Apple company may have abolished the idea of the 4-inch phone. We can only wait to see if it’s true.

When is it due?

Now, if you are an ardent Apple fan, you may have detected a pattern in its iPhone release dates. Apple seems to have a liking for the month of September. The iPhone 5 was released in September 2013, iPhone 6 in September 2014 and the expected due date of the much hyped iPhone 7 is said to be September 2015.

Nevertheless, there is also a rumor that the Apple company is planning to release two phones each year in order to keep up with the ever growing competition. In that case we’re expecting less sensational changes in each version. It has been heard that the iPhone 6c is going to be released this spring along with the action packed Apple Watch and the iPhone 7 will arrive in September.


Just as the device itself, there has been a lot of speculations about the name of the device too. If Apple follows its own legacy, then the new device should be called iPhone 6S. But there are news floating about that the company is going to shed off the ‘S’ or as a matter of fact the ‘C’ convention too. It is said that these conventions give a feel that it is an upgradation of the previous device instead of a completely new one. Some fans have also suggested names like iPhone Air based on the Mac Air or the iPad Air series.


Yes, we’ve had enough of naming and due dates, it’s now time to get geeky and get a sneak peek at the specification of the iPhone 7.

Screen Size

The most popular screen size produced by apple so far has been the 4.7 inch screen of the iPhone 6. The 5.5 inch screen of iPhone 6 plus is considered too big and the 4 inch screen of iPhone 5 is a tad bit small. But it’s tough to say that Apple will only bring out a single sized phone.

Processor & RAM

There’s news that Samsung is trying to gain back its position as the sole producer of the Apple processors and is planning to provide the iPhone 7 with a 14-nanometer design chip which is going to be smaller and more power packed. Yet we do wish that Apple designs its own chip like all the A class chips of the past. Along with it, we’re also expecting a 1Gb and 2Gb RAM.

3D Display

iPhone 7 is said to have naked eye 3D display, i.e., you’ll be able to see 3D screen without using glasses.


If the Apple keeps its promise, then we can expect a huge leap in terms of smart phone camera as the iPhone 7 will be having “DSLR quality imagery”.

Battery life

All users will agree that the most important feature of it is its battery life. Apple has already got loads of requests on improving the battery life and they are planning to do so too, but they’re not planning to make the phone importable due to this issue.


iPhone 7 is said to have some pretty cool features like

  • Its home button is said to be convertible into a joystick for games. Although a very far fetched idea, it’s still pretty cool.
  • iPhone 7 is supposed to be pre installed with an Apple SIM.
  • It’s supposed to be enabled with Force technology which will allow Apple iPhone 7 to differentiate between tap and press.
  • iPhone 7 is supposed to have wireless charging facilities and is supposed to be available with a new kind of convertible charger.
  • The software is also to be upgraded to the iOS 9.
  • Rumors say that there is going to be face recognition to activate the device and touch recognition is going to eliminate the need for home button, giving more space for the screen.


The next important feature which intrigues us is the design of the iPhone 7. What is going to make it a class apart from iPhone 6?

  • The most important designing spec is the fact that they are going to use either Sapphire glass, like used on the Apple Watch or Gorilla glass like the previous iPhones.
  • It’s going to have inbuilt Touch ID which is probably going to eliminate the need of a home button, providing place for a larger screen.
  • Liquidmetal is being considered as a framework material instead of aluminum as the former is lighter and requires a smaller amount to achieve similar strength. This will provide a more portable phone even if the size is enlarged. Moreover, removal of the bezels is going to provide a larger screen space.


We’re at a loss when it comes to the imaging of the iPhone 7. However, we hope someone is going to leak a little glimpse of the prototype. Nonetheless, some artists have already begun forming an idea about how it’s going to look.

We have tried to satiate some of your curiosity (most of it actually!!) through our article. Hope you have enjoyed reading it. We really hope that you will let us know about how you felt and also more specifications if known by commenting.

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