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Sony Purchases Some Assets of OnLive for its Cloud Gaming Services

Sony Computer Entertainment has purchased a substantial number of assets of OnLive in order to aid to its cloud gaming services. The assets that have been purchased include the likes of 140 US and international patents used for the cloud gaming services of Sony.sony-onlive

According to the reports, the operations of OnLive will shut down by April 30. No subscriptions will be renewed by the company any further. Moreover, the subscriptions that have been renewed on or after 28 March will be refunded totally by the company.

According to OnLive, the game service provided by the company “OnLive Game Service”, “OnLive Desktop” and “SL Go” can be availed by the user until 30 April.

The patent portfolio of OnLive was alone predicted to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. However, there is an uncertainty about the fact that OnLive achieved the price mentioned above. The uncertainty lies in the fact that the terms of the OnLive’s deal with Sony have not been disclosed yet.

Sony also gave its confirmation about the deal and added that the purchase of OnLive assets will provide immense opportunities for its gamers. It will also provide Sony with a formidable patent portfolio of its own.

OnLive was created a little more than a decade ago. The credit for its foundation has to be given to Steve Perlman. There was a solid reason for the founding of OnLive. It was basically created to enable the users to play sophisticated video games without owning high end computing hardware.

The cloud gaming technology was employed in order to make it work. The gaming programs would run flawlessly on the cloud gaming platform in a server. This is a great technology for the game freaks and hence, Sony will be benefitted greatly by the recent deal.

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