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5G Internet: Things You Should Know About The Next Big Thing

With people still trying to grasp the idea of 4G, the mobile world is already hovering over the next generation of wireless network a.k.a 5G. Although the said 5G is supposed to be launched in 2020, researchers are still trying to figure out the benefits or weakness of the said network. They are of the opinion that it is useless to launch a new network unless it offers something radical, that the previous network cannot do. This doubt has not stopped the big giants like Alcatel, Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia from creating projects fit for the 5G network.5g-internet

However, before being introduced to the actual network, you need to know the following things about it.

1. Keep Calm and Enjoy 4G

As the proposed date of commercial release of the 5G network is said to be the Tokyo Olympics 2020, so you can still enjoy your current devices for a long period of time, before worrying that they are back dated. The major delay in the release of the network is because it has to be a class apart from the already existing 4G to grab a hold on the market. Samsung, however, claims to already have attained a steady speed of about 940 Mb/sec and plans to launch a real world trial in the Winter Olympics 2018.

2. Mind Boggling Speed

If you think 4G was supposed to be fast, you’ll be amazed at what 5G can do. As it is with the advancement of technology, movies are going to enhance too. The 4K movies are presumed to be replaced by 8K ones which are going to be around 16x more pixilated than the full HD versions available these days. With these kinds of media, a good download speed is only natural. The 5G is supposed to attain a speed of 10 Gb/sec with a down speed of around 800 GB/sec. The ITU or the International Telecommunication Union has already proposed a speed of 100 Mb/sec to 2 Gb/sec which may peak up to 20 Gb/sec for users of 5G. However, with this speed it is absolutely necessary that the network providers ensure constant and steady network speeds.

3. Better Accessibility

With the rise of the 5G network, all the internet oriented things are supposed to be on a high road. In 2020 many devices like washing machines, smart meters, street lights and cars are expected to run on sensors attached to them. These devices would require a high speed network to work. 5G is expected to fulfil these needs. With an estimated 25 billion connected things, 5G is supposed to provide us with a network that’ll run them all smoothly. Glasgow is already running a project worth £ 24 million to connect existing CCTV with the sensors connected to traffic and the street lights.

4. How Will 5G Work?

As 5G is expected to have a greater rollout than 4G, so number of radio masts in tighter cells are required for the smooth running of the devices. 5G is going to work on high frequency radio bands so that the data will be carried a lot faster than the usual networks.

5. No Breaking

One of the greatest advantages of the 5G network is its small latency period of only a few milliseconds. Connected with all the gadgets and cars, it is absolutely necessary that the network does not break. And that is exactly what 5G is aiming at.

6. Increased Bandwidth

One of the main objectives that the mobile giants are putting forward for the need of 5G is the increased bandwidth that it is going to provide for all the gadgets that are going to run on networks. Some of the most important features that are going to be available with the 5G are collision detection, real-time navigation, remote traffic management and automatic braking systems.

The new 5G network is not only going to be another smart phone network, it is going to it is going to be the network which makes many other gadgets work. Hopefully it is going to be very flexible with multi cell nodes in the close proximity.  We surely hope it is going to surpass all our network expectations in all possible fields.

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