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Weight loss by surgery can aid Joint replacement results

Weight Loss by any means tends to have a good impact on a human body. But at the same time, there have been many reported cases, where individuals have incurred or aggravated various other issues. The modern day trend shows that Weight loss via surgery is a more effective method of loosing weight, but people also hold numerous fears in this regard. Weight Loss Surgery, which is also known as Bariatric Surgery has many reported benefits as well.weight-loss-surgery

According to numerous studies, individuals have claimed that Bariatric Surgery leads to many benefits. It reduces the chances of developing various heart diseases and different types of Cancer. Reports also suggest that the surgery in some cases has shown a tendency to reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Various Doctors and researchers all around the globe have been trying to evaluate the risks and benefits involved with surgical weight loss and most of them have concluded that Weight loss via surgery can be counted as a dependable means to reduce excess weight.

The most recent researches show that Bariatric Surgery can play a major role in an effective joint replacement operation. During the study, the team lead by Dr. Emily Dodwell, an orthopedic surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), gathered a few morbidly obese individuals, who were also in need of either hip or joint replacement.

The individuals selected for the study had a Body Mass Index of minimum 35 coupled with hip or knee problem. Under the scenario, the patients went through hip and knee replacement surgery, two years after the Bariatric Surgery had taken place.

The result of the study clearly shows that a weight reduction surgery before any joint replacement surgery can prove helpful for the individuals and help in regaining the strength quickly. The doctors at HSS believe that Bariatric Surgery can solve quite a few issues with joint replacement patients.

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