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Facebook storms into the world of Virtual Reality

Facebook has recently revealed its plans of advancing into the world of virtual reality. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke about his plans of venturing into artificial intelligence and virtual reality at a conference in San Francisco. Facebook has always been at the helm of such developments and aims to gain ground in this arena in the future.oculus-rift-facebook-bounty

Last year the company had acquired Oculus VR in a whopping $2 billion deal. Oculus VR is an American virtual reality technology company founded by Palmer Luckey, self-described virtual reality enthusiast and hardware geek. Its first product the Oculus Rift, a head-mounted display for immersive virtual reality is still in development and gained a lot of popularity. The device would revolutionize the gaming world.

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The Oculus Rift lets players step inside their favorite games and virtual worlds. It would provide an ultra wide field of view with excellent depth and scale. It can also be used during communication through Facebook when fully developed so that the user gets a natural experience. The website states that the product was developed in an effort to revolutionize the way people experience interactive content.

The two companies will be moving forward with the project and have laid out the guidelines for the project. The release date of the project has not yet been declared but officials from the companies say that it could be anytime soon. Facebook Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer was also very positive about the project and said that after a number of demos they were this time on the right path.

Virtual reality has been lately a topic of great interest. With the advancement of science and technology the idea is gaining popularity in recent times. Virtual Reality has been in use since a long time in the defense services, however, its potential in the gaming and communication world is now being explored.

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Facebook has been lately involved in a lot many tech projects, one of the recent ones being the solar powered drone. With the drone technology Facebook under its internet.org initiative aims to make the internet available even in the remotest of locations on the planet thereby improving connectivity. Another company which has previously been involved in such projects is Google. Google through its Google X lab has also been trying to develop internet drones and balloons. It has recently also invested in Magic Leap, a startup company which is working on head mounted alternate reality devices.

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