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HTC, Valve offers Vive Virtual Reality kits to developers for free

HTC and Valve are reportedly planning to offer Vive Virtual Reality headsets for free to qualified developers. Leading developers have been offered the kit, and the company announced that sign-up forms and information will be revealed this week.2015-03-28-image-1

Early dev kits have been offered to Owlchemy Labs, Bossa Studios, Fireproof Games and Cloudhead Games. Developers will be narrowed down based on the information provided and the kits will be provided on a loaner program for a limited time. The developer will have to pay, if they choose to retain the dev kit. The limited quantities of kits indicate a longer wait for small time developers.

According to the Valve’s Steam VR website, the kit will include a headset, two controllers and two base stations, for creating an interactive VR experience. Valve spokesperson Doug Lombardi did not mention the criteria for the selection process or the number of kits that are available.

Valve and HTC are jointly developing the headset, and is currently in the testing stage. The Vive VR headset stands out with the motion sensor that can map the room and bring in a virtual experience instead of being controlled with a mouse, keyboard or gaming controller. The VR headset is set to bring in new possibilities to game design with immersive experience.

HTC Connected Products Marketing Executive Director Jeff Gattis had recently stated that the VR headset will have a “slightly higher price point” when the final version is made available to consumers by year-end. While VR headsets like Oculus Rift are offered to developers for $350, HTC has opted for a different approach to encourage game development. Last year, Sony offered Project Morpheus Dev kits to partner developers, and is also in the process of roping in independent developers for the headset.

Learn more about the HTC Vive VR headset from Gizmodo’s report.

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