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Chinese Android phone maker LeTV compares Apple to Hitler in an ad

The Android OS is on the roll with Lollipop getting most positive comments all over the world. While there is no dearth of smartphones running Android, the race to sell more is increasing among brands in China. An ad campaign by a Chinese tech company recently compared Apple, a rival of the OS, to Adolf Hitler. While the technical buzz and political agenda are poles apart, this comparison goes in sync with the latest advertisement released by Google.letv-apple-hitler-ad

The search engine giant launched Android OS to compete with the upcoming smartphone market, which was predominantly owned by Apple back then. But now, Android activations have crossed many billions and the companies are neck to neck in the race all the time. The advertisement that gave rise to Apple being linked to Hitler was, Be together. Not the same. This was a dig at the inherently restrictive Apple, which led to such image being posted by the Chinese smartphone maker company’s CEO.

LeTV’s CEO, Jia Yueting posted an image that showed Hitler raising his hand on one end and a few kids on the other end. Apple’s logo is on Hitler’s dress, which symbolizes the comparison in a clear way. The Chinese company is launching their Android phone next week and the phone is already in the limelight because of this move. The CEO, who loves Android and says it is very important to be open source these days and unlike Apple most developers love contributing and making use of the technological advancements in the world.

While the mobile from the Chinese company is not yet launched, it has seriously increased the expectation levels. Taking a dig at the world’s most innovative company may or may not be as fruitful for the company as they devise it to be.

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