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Sony PlayStation 4 update version 2.5 is near perfect with two small bugs

The PlayStation 4 system update has brought in quite a few cool features that will take the gaming experience to a completely new level. But sadly, the version 2.50 update is not perfect. There is one issue that has been troubling the ones playing games like Bloodborne and GTA V. Although, the bug does not affect the other games, but is certainly a stain on the near about perfect update. The bug is not a disastrous one and does not stop you from playing the games.sony-ps4-gaming-console

According to the reports, individuals who updated the PlayStation 4 system to version 2.50 could not load the saved games for Bloodborne. Each and every time the game initiates from 0% completion, as the day one patch is downloaded again and again. The issue has been faced by quite a few individuals and it would be great to see Sony bring out a fix to it as soon as possible.

The other game that has been affected is GTA V. The issue is similar to that of Bloodborne as the users cannot save the progress. Many users have already reported the issues and it is expected that Sony will be looking forward to release the fixes as soon enough.

Interestingly, the issues have been encountered mostly in Sony PlayStations with two or more accounts. The users are urged to log into just a single account and then try out the games. This has worked for a few individuals, allowing them to save their progress and continue with the game.

Some of the individuals are even worried about the security on offer. With the past attacks on Sony, it will important for Sony to react quickly and add to the near perfect version 2.50 of Sony PlayStation 4.

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