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Facebook to beam internet through its solar powered drones

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has recently revealed its plans to put its solar powered drone in the sky. The company as a part of its efforts to enhance its user base has been working with organizations to build drones and satellites which will deliver internet facilities to people all around the world.facebook-drone-internet

Through its F8 conference Facebook revealed a prototype of its solar powered drone. It plans to release a bigger version of it called Aquila in the later part of the year. Through this project Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to improve the accessibility of internet services to people all around the world. The company will be partnering with mobile data operators all over the globe. It has lately also revealed plans of starting its India operations soon. Through a post on social networking site Facebook, Zuckerberg revealed that the company had achieved considerable success in places like the Philippines and Paraguay. It had also lately conducted a successful trial of the aircraft over Britain.

Zuckerberg wrote in his blog post “I’m excited to share that we’ve successfully completed our first test flight of these aircraft in the UK.”

Aquila will be almost similar in dimensions to the solar impulse 2 aircraft which was lately in the news for being the first manned solar aircraft. It will be light, bigger than the Boeing 737 and would have solar panels on its wings. The project will be a part of Facebook’s internet.org initiative. Internet.org is a partnership between social networking service company Facebook and seven mobile phone companies (Samsung, Ericsson, MediaTek, Microsoft, Opera Software, Reliance and Qualcomm) that aims to bring affordable Internet access to everybody on the planet.

Facebook is also planning to use drones and other technologies, including lasers to make internet available. It also recently tied up with a new Somerset based company Ascenta which has played a key role in building the solar aircraft. The company will harness solar energy in order to keep the drones and aircrafts afloat thereby increasing the sustainability of the devices and eliminating human control.

Other companies like the Internet giant Google through its well known Google X labs has also developed drones and balloons through which it aims to provide internet to people across the globe. These initiatives would definitely help in digitizing the world and bringing about connectivity even in the remotest of areas.

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