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Amazon attracts Appstore developers with new strategy

Just after the release of the new Kindle Fire HDX a few weeks back, Amazon in a move to rope in developers into its App store has started a new program and developer community.


Launched as Appstore Developer Select, the “premium placement” program for developers to develop HTML mobile apps and games which would be modified for Fire OS and Amazon Appstore.

There quite a number of incentives offered by Amazon like 500,000 mobile ads in the Amazon Ad Network. In a move to encourage developers, users who buy paid apps and in-app items would receive an extra 250 bonus Coins. However the offer is only limited to the first 10,000 purchases by users in U.S Appstore. Free apps and in-app items are excluded.

The developer program also indicated Amazon’s keen interest to expand to a wider market. On a purchase of Amazon Web products with a limit of $500 of credit each year, some developers can earn 25 percent credit back. AWS credits would be calculated as a percentage of pretax AWS spending from last month. These credits expire during the end of the calender month after they are added.

David Isbitski of the Amazon Appstore team explained that the program was designed to encourage and grow the third-party developer departments and to scale businesses on a secure cloud environment. The developer program has already begun and the incentives are would be ready by the holiday season.

To know more about the program, check out their Promo video below:

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