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Intel and Micron’s new brainchild – 10 TB 3D NAND Flash chips

There is definitely some excitement in the air as smartphones, tablets and laptops with higher capacities are soon going to be made available. Thanks to Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) and Micron (NASDAQ:MU) storage woes will soon come to an end. Intel and Micron have come up with a new 10 TB (terabyte) SSD (solid state drive) NAND flash memory storage that would definitely solve all our usual issues of not having enough space on our gadgets.intel-micron-3d-nand-flash

The logic behind the development of the new technology is to build higher chips by stacking flash cells one on top of the other instead of widening them, just as one of those New York City skyscrapers. This new science would definitely be useful in case of the thinner versions of laptops which at present are not able to provide high storage space. The move would also benefit the smartphone market as more space would mean more room for downloads and apps.

This new technology would be useful for increasing the efficiencies of low end laptops and computers and eliminate the need of hard drives altogether. High end laptops are presently offering only a maximum of 1TB space which, if upgraded could make room for a lot of things. Samsung was the first so far to release V-NAND, which was also a vertical memory storage device. Intel and Micron followed on its heels and now Toshiba is also planning to come up with something on the same lines. The competition will help check predatory prices and would benefit the end customer.

These 2.5 inch SSD’s would however be slightly heavy on the pocket as even currently an upgrade from the 256 GB SSD, Mac book air to 512 GB increases the cost by 400$ so for sure such extensive enhancements are going to be expensive. Although Intel and Micron say that the chips would mean higher efficiency and more cost effective, however, they would surely be slightly costly for the standard user.

This new announcement could bring about a revolution in the tech world, like they say the more the merrier! These would also enormously improve the efficiencies of our devices, especially our smartphones, which at present suffer from lags due to low storage spaces. Started dreaming already? Intel and Micron will be selling these chips only by the end of this year so you probably won’t be seeing them before 2016.

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