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Samsung Galaxy S6 begins to end the ‘Bloatwares’ – including its own

Samsung has one of the largest user base all around the globe, when it comes to Android Smartphones. One of the main reasons for the huge user base is the fact that Samsung provides an extremely user friendly UI, allowing the users to express themselves and enjoy the features of Android as they wish to to. But with all the good things in hand, we are always served a few unwanted things, which do not harm us a lot, but we would be better off without them. What I am talking about here, is more often than not termed as Bloatwares.Galaxy-S6

The Majority of the startup level complaints about any Android Smartphone is its Bloatwares. These pre-installed applications do not serve us a great deal. But this does not mean that you can remove them on your wish. The applications do not have a huge size as well, but when all the bloatwares are combined, you can see that quite a bit of your smartphones memory is consumed by them.

Till date, there was no way other than rooting the smartphone to remove the bloatwares. You had to live with it, but the scenario has changed. Samsung has introduced a new feature in its new flagship device, Samsung Galaxy S6.

According to the screenshots released by XDA developers, the users will be able to uninstall quite a few preinstalled applications like YouTube, the Play Stores, etc.. The feature will not only allow the users to free the internal memory, but will also allow them to arrange the User Interface exactly the way that they would love.

This does not mean that the preinstalled application once deleted will not be available again. The users if in case need the application, they can easily download the application from the Google PlayStore.

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