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NHTSA to probe the Nissan airbag issue even after the recall

Nissan Motor Corporation (NASDAQ:NSANY) recently recalled approximately 980000 vehicles owing to some issues with the airbags. But the trouble has not left Nissan’s side as various owners have reported that the issues with the airbags continue even after Nissan’s recall. The allegations state that Nissan has failed to fix the trouble with the air bag control systems for approximately 1 million vehicles.inflated-takata-airbag

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation in this regard on 18th March. The United States regulators were keeping a close look on the action as Nissan went about fixing the issue with the recalled cars.

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According to the reports, more that 120 reports have been filed already by the owners with the NHTSA, since the repairs started last year in April. The filed reports state that the cars still have the issues with the air bag control system in spite of the dealers repairing the system during the recall. There is heavy resentment among the owners due to the persistence of the air bag issue.

Nissan has stated that the repairs were done properly, but as it seems that the remedy offered did not provide a permanent solution to the air bag problem for a few models. According to the statement put forward to Nissan Motor Corporation’s Spokesperson, Steve Yaeger, has stated that Nissan and Infiniti took all the necessary steps in helping the dealers to solve the issue and maintain a level of consumer satisfaction.

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On the other hand, the reports filed also point to a possibility that there are more cars with the issue, which may way lead to an air bag deployment failure during a crash. The NHTSA is looking into the matter and is expected to arrive at a conclusion soon enough. The models that were recalled included Nissan pathfinder, Altima, Sentra and a few models of Infiniti.

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