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Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation Official Trailer Video Released

As all Tom Cruise fans, especially the Mission Impossible series’ fans, are desperately waiting for the next installment, which will be premiered this summer, no one new much detail about the movie – until now.mission-impossible-rogue-nation

Earlier in 2014, Tom Cruise’s insane plane stunt photos had gone viral in the social media – except that, there was no information about the MI5 movie. But, the wait is over, ultimately the crew, lead by the director Christopher McQuarrie, has just released the official trailer of ‘Mission Impossible 5’ movie, named as Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation.

Despite being in his 52nd year, Tom Cruise goes shirtless in many movie scenes that would make the audience dumb – with fine tuned and well maintained body. The trailer video shows the hell lot of death-defying stunts and action sequences of the movie, which makes it a must watch movie in my list.

Mission Impossible 5 was supposed to release earlier than the current release date, but the release of James Bond movie Spectre, in November, and the new installment of Star Wars movie, in December, made it to postpone the release to avoid competition. Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation to be released worldwide on July 31st.

Watch the MI5 Trailer Video:

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