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Delphi’s self-driving car to travel 3500 miles from California to New York

While Google will introduce its self driving cars by the year 2020, Delphi Automotive PLC’s driver-less car is all set to start a journey from California to New York. This is the first time when any self driving car is set to travel a distance of more that 3500 miles across the United States of America.a0320e5f0753bb2ddb57f59a1539d7c9

According to the press release by Delphi Automotive, the car has already been tested thoroughly on the streets of Las Vegas and California and the car has performed exactly the way it should.


The 3500 mile drive from California to New York is the ultimate test that Delphi Automotive PLC’s self driving car must take to prove itself as the experts are terming this as the ultimate test. The fact that the drive across the United States will expose the car to various diverse challenges is true, but this will also allow the makers to realize the exact capabilities of the car. The analysis of the result can be easily used for the purpose of improving the car.

According to the makers, the car has features like a 4 way stop navigation, merging onto highways and bypass roads as well, etc.. The car is supposedly capable enough to avoid cyclists as well as rough bikers. The car will have a driver all along in the car to take over in case of any emergency, but the car makers are confident that the spare driver will not be required.  The drive from one coast to another coast has taken quite a few individuals by surprise.

If the drive is successful, Delphi Automotive will transform into a major player in the arena of self driving car makers. With rumors Apple car and Google’s Self Driving car due in 2020, it will be interesting to see how the market reacts!

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