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7 unique concepts on show by Jeep; 2 concepts steal the show

Jeep has always been an eye catcher when it comes to the rough designs and the compelling power. The fact that the Jeep has a tradition unlike any makes it one of the most sought after vehicles and standing by the traditions, Jeep is all set to introduce seven brand new concepts, which might well make your heart skip a beat. Jeep has traveled all the way to this year’s Moab Easter Jeep Safari to launch its innovative concepts.jeep-chief-concept-for-moab-easter-jeep-safari-2015_100505069_l


The concept that caught innumerable eyes was the Chief, a car greatly inspired by Wrangler. The four door SUV has such a design that will surely catch your attention with one look. The styling draws inspiration from the retro era, flanked with round headlights, vertical tail lights and magnanimous 17 inch mag alloy wheels.


The other show stealer was the Grand Cherokee Overlander concept, providing the outdoor enthusiasts the best drive from home, to the spot and back to home at ease.

The concept also supports a roof mounted hard shell tent, providing enough space for two people to take a peaceful nap. Chevrolet Jeep Grand Cherokee will have a 3.0 liter eco-diesel engine with fabricated interiors and rugged exteriors, a perfect one to hit the roads.


Jeep has not made any direct statement in regard to the production of any concepts on display during the Moab Easter Safari, but the experts believe that the car maker is certainly working on some of the concepts for sure.

The general thought is that the most talked about concepts, i.e. the Grand Cherokee Overlander and the Chief will probably see the production line in the near future, while the other 5 concepts may be in line for later.

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