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Mercedes F 015 self-driving cars: Enjoy the test drive experience of the future car

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled F 015 self-driving vehicle, specially designed for the smart cities in 2030. The development team designed the car from scratch with ample leg space while the car is being driven by a computer. Mercedes has begun inviting people to test drive (actually, not to drive, just to experience) its brand new F 015 driverless electric car.mercedes-benz-driverless-car

The car will allow people to have face to face conversation, discuss the work or complete projects while the autonomous car is driven. Experts indicate that driving will no longer be needed in vehicles as people are likely to relax, talk, work and do anything, ignoring the speed breakers, traffic lights and the road.

“It is going to be the third place where people can spend some time after office and home,” said Holger Hutzenlaub, member of the Mercedes Advanced Design team.

The car features massive 24-inch wheels with lights and sensors in the communication hub. The LEDs help in proving signs and messages to pedestrians, including engine cooling. Mercedes has designed the car for three types of interaction: between people within the car; between people and the car; and the people’s interaction the outside world.

Occupants will interact via big displace, soothing voices and customize the interior of the vehicle by changing the position of the seats. The car includes a 360 degree sensor to detect hazards, pedestrians and vehicles. The car can valet itself in multi-storey car parking or in street areas in the future. Alexander Mankowsky, the Mercedes future studies expert stated that the aim of F 015 was to make use of technology to make traffic, less stressful.

The company is also experimenting with beacons for indicating no-go zones for autonomous vehicles. Tesla CEO Elon Musk had stated that technology simply isn’t at a point, where it can be safely driven in urban and residential areas. The company is the latest to join the race with development of autonomous vehicles aimed for futuristic cities.

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