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Tableau Software’s Stock downgraded from Buy to Neutral

Although, Friday was a good day for most companies in the Stock Market, but Tableau Software Inc. (NASDAQ:DATA) did not share the same fate. While, the companies enjoyed a super day in the Stock Market, Tableau Software Inc. ended the day with the stocks falling by approximately 3.5%.Tableau Software

The fall in the stock prices came with the publishing of a report by Mizuho Securities, wherein they changed the rating fro Buy to neutral. The fall in the stock prices comes probably as a shock to the Software company.

According to the reports by Mizuho Securities, Tableau Software Inc.’s performance had been out of the guidelines for quite a long time now. As a result, the situation in hand provides an unrealistic expectation for the investors, as the company will not be able to complement it.

Mizuho Securities must have also kept in mind the condition in the foreign market. With uncertain conditions prevailing in the foreign stock exchanges, the decision to downgrade the rating seems like a good choice. The present target price is $100, which is $6.04 more than the present Stock price of Tableau Software Inc.

The report also states that the performance by Tableau Software Inc. is probably set to slow down in the near future, as most of the recent investments have been from international regions. As a result, the profits may be a bit slow to be realized.

On the other hand, the performance has also lead to more recognition and tougher comparisons. It is important to see how Tableau Software Inc. handles the situation. Mizuho expects the software company’s revenue to be around $700 million by the end of the year.

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