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An Alabama Jury found the woman guilty of killing her granddaughter

In an ongoing case where a woman was accused of killing her granddaughter, the jury has found the woman guilty of killing her granddaughter. The attorney of the woman claimed that the death of her granddaughter was actually an accident that triggered by the former giving punishment to the child for her lie.woman-killed-granddaughter

An Alabama jury has convicted the woman of capital murder in the death of her 9 year old grand-daughter. The conviction came on Friday where the jury rejected all the claims made by the woman’s side. Joyce Hardin Garrard, who has been convicted, can face either a death penalty or life without parole. Her grand-daughter Savannah Hardin was killed in February 2012.

When the verdict came, Garrard was rather emotionless. However, she hugged the three of her attorneys before being taken out of the court. She also threw a deep glare to the audience while walking out of the scene.

The relatives of the woman could not help but cry loudly over the conviction. The defense attorney, Dani Bone was seen laying his head on the table after the verdict came out. The verdict took three and a half years to arrive. The husband of the lady was sitting right behind her and he was seen hugging his crying daughter before she walked off the court sobbing.

A mini trial in the case will start from Monday. Additional testimonies will be heard by the Jurors and a decision will be made on whether the lady shall be given life without parole or death. The final decision would be taken by the judge under Alabama law.

According to the reports, 49 year old lady forced her granddaughter to carry wood and run for hours. This was given as a punishment for her lie about candy. Savannah died because of seizure three days after the incident.

According to the testimony of Garrard, she only ordered the girl to carry sticks in her hand on the day of her collapse. She denied asking the girl to run. On the other hand, prosecutors believed that the lady did not stop the girl from running even though she started puking. A school bus surveillance video that captured the incident showed Garrard as saying, “I will run the girl and teach her a lesson”. The jurors believe that the girl was tortured by the woman.

Garrard has been imprisoned since the start of the trial. The stepmother of the child is also awaiting a trial on murder charges. She is accused of not stopping the grandmother to stop the torture done to the little girl.

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