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Boot Camp just got a little worse for the 2015 MacBooks – No Windows

Over the period of time, Apple computer users are allowed to install the Windows operating system on their Mac. This made the Mac computers as a top selling personal computers in the global market, and the entire pride goes for the Boot Camp tool present in the Mac OS X.apple-macbook-windows

Boot Camp is an excellent tool, that allows its users to install the native Windows operating system in the Apple personal computers over a partitioned hard drive. In the meanwhile, a recent announcement has been made that only newer version of windows operating system, i.e., after Windows 8 can be installed by using the Boot Camp.

The recent release of Boot Camp support document describes that the Windows 7 operating system cannot be installed in the new Apple laptops and this even applies to 2015 Apple MacBook Air and also for 2015 MacBook Pro. But the users can install Windows 8 operating system in those laptops and it remain compatible for those laptops. At the mean time, 2014 iMac supports Windows 7 operating system through Boot Camp, along with 2014 MacBook Pros and Airs.

If you were the fan of Windows 7, then you can install your favorite operating system through other options and this method does not affect run time characteristics of the operating system. Using third party applications such as VMware Fusion and Parallels, one can easily install Windows 7 operating system in the Mac X OS. For Windows 7 loyalist, this might be a better option to stay with.

Installing Windows 7 with third party applications will not allow more flexibility by providing dual-boot setup and also the users need to run the operating system within the window of OS ‘s desktop itself. If you want to hangout with your favorite operating system, then you should use third party applications. Else, you can go for the metro style Windows 8 operating system with the help of Boot Camp.

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