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New Apple TV at WWDC 2015: features and release date

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is set to unveil a new Apple TV at the WWDC 2015 in June in a bid to capture the set-top box market. The current Apple TV price has been reduced to $69 including an addition of exclusive HBO Now in the set-top box.Apple-TV-cable_610x458

The new Apple TV will be a complete overhaul when compared with the current Apple TV that streams video  from Netfloix, Hulu, HBO Go and YouTube. New features like controlling smart home appliances that were included in iOS 8 HomeKit. Apple’s voice assistant will also make its way into the new set-top box.

“Apple wants to raise the table stakes in a set-top box market cluttered with barely differentiated devices from Amazon, Roku and  others,” said unnamed sources to BuzzFeed.

In addition to the features, a voice control similar to the one in Amazon TV will be added. However, it has been rumored that Apple is likely to sell the device at a premium price, considering the low price of Apple TV at $69. Several streaming services like ABC, CBS, Fox and tie ups with cable channels like ESPN, Discovery Channel and Comedy Central.

Despite popular channels like Hulu and HBO Now that might encourage users to give up wired connection, additional fees for extra channels is a downside. However, Apple’s rumored streaming service is expected to solve the problem. Users are likely to opt for the device for the OS with Siri functionality and for improved experience.

The first Apple TV, launched in 2009 has a tough time in the set-top box market due to its high price. The company then reduced the price and added a new OS, making it a major player in the market. More details will be revealed at the developers conference in June.

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