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Amazon ‘Unlocked’ Will Give Away Paid Apps For Free

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has been working very hard to increase the reputation of its own App store for Android applications with developers and also with customers too. Amazon wants to launch a new section in its App store and it will be a massive promotion for its App store, the new section comes with a name tag called “Unlocked”, that allows the users to download premium paid applications for free of cost.amazon-unlocked

Amazon mentioned in one of its promotional spots as “Introducing Amazon Unlocked for Apps & Games” and in another statement “Paid apps and in-app purchasing now completely FREE from Amazon.”

The Amazon app store contains applications from biggies such as Sega America, UsTwo and other top leading developers are flagged in the “Unlocked” section of the app store. Not only gaming applications, but also it consists of OfficeSuite 8 + PDF convertor, Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords and other premium applications are present in the deck.

Under the Unlocked section, the whole application will be free that includes in-app purchases for free of cost. Full details of the app store and full list of applications will be unveiled during the launch of the store. The developers mentioned the process is in the development phase and the vital information is under NDA, so that they cannot disclose anything regarding the app store.

The Unlocked will be mainly promoted in Amazon app and also by using social networks too. This new service from Amazon will drive millions of mobile users to its app store in a short period of time and this will also increase the usage of Amazon app, since “Unlocked” section will be accessed only from Amazon app only.

By using Amazon app, users can easily access various applications that are sorted under “Unlocked” section and also other applications according to their other offerings.

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