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Senator Murray sends out a letter demanding answers to Premera Blue Cross

Senator Patty Murray sent a letter to Premera Blue Cross on Friday demanding answers to the various questions posed in relation to the cyber attack. The attacks have led to the loss of crucial personal and health information for approximately more than 11 million individuals. The fact that the information was lost from under the health insurer’s responsibility has made Senator Murray in a dejected state.Senator Murray sends out a letter demanding answers to Premera Blue Cross

The senator is a well known and ranked member of the Senate Health, Education, Pensions and Labor Committee. The news comes as a shock to the world as till date it was not known that the health industry was also on the target list of cyber attackers.

What has raised more questions is why did the Mountlake Terrace based Health Insurance Company refrain from informing about the attack, which was discovered on January 29th this year. The attack originally took place on May 5th, 2014 and was discovered on 29th January.

In the letter, Senator Murray has questioned the failure to inform immediately. He believes that more than anyone, the individuals whose personal and health information may have been compromised, deserved to know about the incident, the moment the health insurer found out.

Senator Murray has asked 15 questions in her letter to Premera Blue Cross and is looking forward to appropriate answers by the 27th March. The attack on the health insurer’s system is one of the most unexpected acts of Cyber Theft. Premera Blue Cross’ spokesperson, Mr. Eric Earling has stated that the company has received the letter from Senator Murray and will respond to it. But they did not say on anything related to the questions asked or the answers they plan to give.

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