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HTC changes CEO, not the smartphone business strategy

HTC comes with unexpected news for the Global consumers that it’s appointing a new CEO, Cher Wang, who co-founded HTC with Peter Chou. Peter Chou has filled the role of Chief Executive Officer since 2005 and made the company into a global smartphone brand from an anonymous contract manufacturer.htc-ceo-cher-wang

Overall, a study from 2013 that analyzed Fortune 500 companies over 15 years and found that women are more likely to choose as a CEO for the companies that need a change. Not only that, Cher Wang is a co-founder of HTC, also makes the board to go for this decision. In the meanwhile, Chou is demoted and moves to the new Future Development Lab as his full-time work.

The company has made unveiled its plans for next-Gen accessories like virtual-headphones and so on. Change of Chief Executive Officer will make the company to take a leap in the smartphone era.

In the meanwhile, it’s hard to change the course of HTC One M9, since most of the features were already leaked in the internet and were known by everyone in advance. The Samsung’s Galaxy S6 has made a bigger impression than that of HTC One M9 on the same day of unveiling and this shakes the stability of the company too.

Apart from the flagship, the HTC has several deals with the mobile market and this company doesn’t have the real control over its supply chain. Unlike other manufacturers except Apple, Samsung and LG, HTC need to buy parts from the parts producers. At the same time, HTC comes with several bloatware in its devices and also it is making several possible components to make the device to become a good one for its consumers.

Wang said,

“I think I am the best candidate. I suggested it.”

For the past 18 months, Wang has been sharing operational decisions with Chou and with now full control, the new chairwoman and CEO will bear the whole responsibilities of the company and lead the HTC to a perfect path of success.

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