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Terminator-inspired 3D printer created objects from liquid

A new Terminator-inspired 3D printing technology for creating objects from resin was showcased at the Ted (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference on Tuesday. The latest technology is less time-consuming when compared to the other printing technologies, which took several hours to create an object.robots-3d


The Carbon 3D printing technology is much faster and creates objects from liquid out of a tray filled with resin. The latest printer was showcased by one of the leading pioneers in the industry Joseph DeSimone  at Ted in Vancouver. The inspiration for creating objects from liquids is from a scene in Terminator 2 (a sci-fi/horror film), where a T-1000 robot rises from liquid metal.

“We were inspired by the ‘Terminator 2’ scene for the T-1000,” said DeSimone.

The new technology, created by researchers at UNC-Chappel Hill is named as Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP), which uses oxygen and liquid to create objects. DeSimone stated that they had a puddle like the T-1000 and called it a “game changer”. The technology has evolved from what it was two years back.  Creating a similar object using the old technology would take about 10 hours while  a the Carbon 3D technology took several minutes to create a ball.

The researchers mentioned that the technology was the answer to older 3D printing technology: long turnaround time and rough surfaces in the objects. The printing is 25 to 100 times faster, when compared to other technologies. The company Carbon 3D Inc. is set to release the printing devices into the market by the end of 2015. The method of creating polymers from liquid is likely to attract shoe and automotive industry. The technology made its way in to the market two years back and gained massive popularity due to its ability to create any objects of the user’s choice.

Check out the demonstration video:

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