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Sony launches a new TV service: PlayStation Vue

Sony Corporation rolled out its new Online Television Service this Wednesday, named PlayStation Vue. With the internet media busy with the rumors related to Apple TV Service, Sony Corporation utilized the opportunity to launch their own service without any extended hype. According to the reports, the newly launched television service by Sony will be available in a three major cities across the United States of America: New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. The company aims to compete with the conventional cable service, providing TV service at a comparatively cheaper rate.7cd0508689836cf06adce9ef493c28b7


PlayStation Vue was launched across the three cities with the aim to compete with the major cable providers in the United States. The news has it that the service has been launched in just three cities because the Japanese Company is looking forward to make a mark, before actually taking the steps of expansion. PlayStation Vue is expected to provide its viewers with more than 80 well known channels including FOX, CBS, etc..

The Service on offer will also allow its users to demand video depending on their wishes. Thus, as it seems there is nothing left that PlayStation Vue is not offering to its viewers. According to Sony Corporation, the TV service on offer is a new kind of cloud based TV service that will bring various television shows and sports to its viewers and that too without any cable or satellite.


The packages on offer range from $49.99 to $69.99. The package costing $49.99 includes channels like CBS, FOX and other broadcast networks, including a few other well known commercial channels. The next package costs $59.99 and includes the channels from the previous package coupled with a few regional channels including sports and movie networks. The elite package has been priced at $69.99 and includes all the previous channels on offer and an additional set of 25 channels for its viewers.

The price that Sony will be charging for the PlayStation Vue is a bit too much for some individuals, but the experts have a different view. To be true, the price compared to the number of channels on offer by PlayStation Vue, is certainly permissible. With the increasing competition in the field day by day, it will be very interesting to see how Sony’s PlayStation Vue fares in the coming few months.

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