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Apple’s online TV streaming service could find its way by this September

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) may well also be known around the world for the new Television streaming service that it is supposedly ready to provide. There have been quite a few rumors in this regard, but as it seems now, the rumors are on its way to become a reality. According to the reports, the iPhone maker is in serious talks with the tech guys behind the Apple TV Service. The plan is to provide approximately about 25 channels to the users, broadcasted by companies like Fox, ABC, CBS, etc.. The idea is probably to start off slow and then gather pace and numbers along the way.


The news in hand also suggests that the TV streaming service will be available on all iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and Apple TV Set Top boxes. The service will probably be made available to the people starting from the month of September.

Nothing can be said surely about the launch of the service unless an official announcement is made, which is due in the month of June. Once, Apple Inc. officially talks about the TV service on offer, various doubts still in place will be clear.

Apple Inc. has been constantly talking with companies like Walt Disney Corporation, Twenty First Century Fox Inc. etc. to strike out a deal for television channels like CBS, ESPN, FX, etc.. It is expected that Apple will go out for the most watched channels initially to gather a viewer base, before looking to expand its wing.

The reports suggest that Apple Inc. is aiming to start the service at approximately $30 to $40 per month, which have raised a few eyebrows already. We will have to wait until the official announcement in June to get a clear view of things.

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