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Uber drivers test electric vehicles in Chicago

The electric cars take another major step towards mainstream usage as Uber gets set to try out electric cars in Chicago. According to the reports, Uber is going to use a fleet of 25 electric cars for rides in Chicago. The cars that we are talking about here are all BYD e6 EVs. Some of the individuals expected the inclusion of a few Tesla Moel S Sedan but the company is known to have struck a deal with China’s major electric car manufacturer BYD (Build Your Dream).Uber drivers bring EVs in Chicago for testing

For individuals, the deal with BYD came as a surprise, when more proficient electric car makers are in the field like Tesla. Some of the experts suggest that the main reason behind the deal with BYD is the fact that the cars which will be used are much larger that Tesla’s Model S Sedan r any other electric cars.

The larger space will allow the cars to accommodate more passengers and luggage. This is one of the main reasons why, the service is being used by the various taxi companies in Hong Kong and Chauffeur Service in London.

The 25 EVs on offer will be obtained from a local dealer, Green Wheels USA. It is not that with the change in the cars, the payment methods for the Uber drivers will change. The one driving the electric vehicles will also have the same payment options, including the common lease to own option.

But there is a certain disadvantage with the BYD EVs. The cars will run for 186 miles on one change compared to 265 miles per charge for Tesla’s MoDel S Sedan. The Uber drives will have to pay a rent of $200 per week and only then they will be allowed to charge their cars from Green Wheels USA.

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