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Havana Cultural Center in Cuba to roll out free WiFi

Cuba is not considered among the top nations of the world, but the nation is not happy with its status. The country is constantly taking the small steps required to develop the nation. Cuba is now looking forward to loosen its grip on the Internet. A cultural center in Havana has begun rolling out free access to the internet via a public WiFi. This is the first of its kind in the nation and the local people are looking forward to it.cuba-wifi-cultural-center

Till date, the Cuban government did not allow free access to the internet and directed most of its bandwidth for schools and the business sector. The Cultural Center in Havana, which will provide free WiFi for the public, is run by a local Visual artist Kcho. In addition, the artist supposedly has its connections with the Cuban Government, which probably allowed him the authority to provide free access of the Internet to the local people.

The Cultural Center was inaugurated last month with Fidel Castro also among the people present at the event. The free internet that is to be provided to the local people will be taken from a Kcho’s personal connection. The connection being a government authorized connection, will run at an approximate speed of 2 Mbps.

With a 3.9 Mbps average internet speed around the globe, a free WiFi at a speed of 2 Mbps and that too in a nation like Cuba, does not seem  like a bad deal for the public. It is not that Cuba does not allow public access of internet. The Pay-to-play system also allows the users access to the internet, but at a cost of $4.50 per hour. In a nation, where the average per month income for an individual is just $20, the Pay-to-play is literally impossible to afford.

The sad part is that there are places, which does not have any access to the internet, not even paid access. According to the reports, Kcho is supposedly paying the Cuban government approximately about $900 per month for his own connection. But for the artist, this is nothing. The average speed available at the cultural center will be very slow as Kcho expects a number of individuals to connect to it. But the fact that it is free for the public does make it hugely beneficial to the local people.

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