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Poll reveals America’s disinterest in owning Apple Watch

A Reuters/Ipsos poll has revealed that 69 percent of Americans are not interested in owning an Apple Watch. The poll was taken after the company’s “Spring Forward” event and only half the respondents knew about the launch of Apple Watch.apple-watch

In spite of the limited awareness, Apple is set to gain from the 13 percent of respondents who planned to buy an iPhone along with the Apple Watch. About 46 percent of respondents agreed that the Apple Watch has a “cool factor”. The company faced a major success after the release of iPod and iPad though the same might not work for the wearable that works only with iPhones.

Apple Watch marks the first new product under Apple CEO Tim Cook and will be available on April 24. The device starting from $349 ‘sport’ edition is available in various versions, including a $17,000 18-Karat gold edition. About 1,245 Americans were surveyed online between March 9 and March 13, reflecting on the US population with a credibility-interval of plus or minus two percentage points.

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About 52 percent of respondents agreed it to be a “passing fad” while a quarter of them expressed their interest in buying the watch. Another 6 percent were unsure and 69 percent of them showed no interest in buying the device. Apple hopes to gain demand from iPhone users and expand the market after the introduction of apps from developers. The smartwatch can be used to send emails, music and to make phone calls.

Leading companies like Sony, Samsung and LG are yet to find success in the smartwatch market. Only 45 million wearable devices were sold in 2014, when compared to 1 billion smartphones sold worldwide. Analysts predict that Apple will sell 10 million to 32 million smartwatches in this year. The poll likely to be studied by Cook, to increase the awareness of the product.

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