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NASA to study magnetic explosions in their recent mission

We all know that the Northern Lights and the southern lights are the result of Magnetic forces, but NASA is not satisfied with the answer. The effect is due to a phenomenon termed as magnetic reconnection that releases huge amounts of energy around Earth, disrupting a few communication systems. To seek the answer to the magnetic reconnection, NASA has recently launched Magnetospheric Multiscale mission. Thursday saw the launch of United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket headed to the outer space with 4 spacecrafts to be launched into orbit around the Earth.NASA to study magnetic explosions in their recent mission

The United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket was launched at Cape Canaveral this Thursday as it carried the 4 octagonal disc shaped spacecrafts. The spacecrafts were released into the orbits approximately at a time gap of 5 minutes. The spacecrafts will scan the planet thoroughly before aligning into a pyramid formation, with the purpose of examining the phenomenon of magnetic reconnection.

Magnetic fields just like wind currents change their association and when they do, they liberate huge amounts of energy via magnetic explosions. These explosions have a far reaching effect on the general communications system on the earth. This is one of the main reasons why NASA is looking forward to the space crafts to perform the studies on the magnetic reconnection phenomenon. A magnetic reconnection can liberate up to billions of megatons of trinitrotoluene commonly known as TNT, used as  explosives.

The main goal behind the mission is to study the phenomenon and realize the effects that it can have. In the initial phase, each spacecraft will travel approximately about 43,000 miles in an elliptical orbit studying the phenomenon. In the later phase, the spacecraft will also take into account the effect on Sun’s magnetic field in the same perspective. The scientists are hopeful of obtaining some crucial information, which will allow them a better understanding of the magnetic fields surrounding us.

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