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Google enables 360 degree videos on YouTube

Google Inc.’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) YouTube stands firm on its promise as it now supports a 360 degree video format for all the major mobile and web based platforms. This is a huge step taken from the YouTube, the largest video streaming website. According to the analysts, the step will help the website gather more viewers to its huge user base as well as provide the content starved viewers with interesting things to look upon.youtube-360-degree-videos

According to the statement from YouTube, the video streaming website will support 360 degree video viewing initially on three platforms: YouTube’s Android Application, the YouTube Website and on video’s embedded on Google Chrome. The mobile users can tilt their smartphones to adjust the view on offer just like you would do in a the real world for a better view.

On the other hand, the desktop viewers, i.e. viewers on YouTube’s Website and viewers of embedded videos on Chrome can use the mouse pointer for the purpose of changing the point of view. YouTube is very much assured that the viewers will get the viewing experience as promised by YouTube.

Sadly, the feature is not yet available for the viewers on iOS, but the website has promised that the 360 degree viewing will be available for them in the near future. The reports also suggest that Google is currently working in collaboration with  various camera manufacturers like 360cam, IC Real, Kodak, etc. to develop a better platform for uploading 360 degree videos on YouTube.

Not all the features have been made available for the viewers currently as Google plans to make things perfect before a full rollout. Some the individuals think that this has got a lot to do with the rise of Viryual reality and will certainly add an interesting dimension to the aspect.

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