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Google adds the Push Notification feature on Chrome Beta 42

Google Chrome is one of the most preferred browsers in the internet media. One of the main reasons for the preference that it has is due to the fact that Chrome is one of the most lightweight browsers coupled with the extensive features that it provides. Another feature is all set to be added to the stable version of Google Chrome in the near future. Google Chrome was in the news some time back when the rumors started spreading about the new push notification feature.chrome-push-notification

The latest reports suggest that Google Chrome is just a few steps away from officially incorporating the Push Notification feature to the browser. The Chrome Beta 42 cross platform version of Google Chrome already has the feature incorporated. The Beta version has 2 new API’s that allows the browser to fetch notifications from various websites even when the browser window is closed.

Thus, you can easily create a list of your preferred websites and get the required notifications. To be true, this is one of the most desired features of the modern day users and will certainly add a lot to the reputation of Google Chrome, when it is incorporated with all the functionalities. The other good thing is that the Push Notification feature will not work for each and every website you visit. You can easily manage the websites from where the notifications are supposed to be fetched and displayed.

The latest Chrome Beta version for Android also shows a banner, which will make the task of adding a bookmark much easier. This feature will probably not be available for all the websites as only the websites designed in a good for mobile viewing can only be incorporated in the banner. We are also expecting a few added features under settings to improve browsing experience.

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  1. In opposition, Chrome is "light-weight" only in cosmetic design that, it easily breaks. More so, for each add-on will spawn a new browser instance which is how Webkit is designed. Basically it's one (1) app per browser instance and Webkit launches two (2): Native browser and core. It makes a difference — to someone who monitors "background noise" originating from applications.

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