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Microsoft will launch Cortana voice assistant for iOS and Android

Microsoft Copr. (NASDAQ:MSFT) is certainly looking to play it nice with its major competitors with the aim to get into the mix of things in a much better way. According to the reports, Microsoft is all set to bring Cortana to iOS and Android after Cortana makes way to the desktop with Windows 10.Microsoft set to launch Cortana for iOS and Android

The purpose of the cross platform launch of the Microsoft Virtual Assistant is much more compared to just playing nice with the competitors. In fact, with the cross platform launch of Cortana, Microsoft will have a much better reach compared to the one it is having with its Windows Smartphones.

In addition, some experts believe that the cross platform launch of Cortana will also help Microsoft to imbibe a few more Artificial Intelligence features to the next generation Microsoft Virtual Assistant, ‘Einstein’. Although, not a lot is not known about Einstein presently. But one thing is for sure that Microsoft certainly has a wider vision in this regard.

In fact, if Microsoft can pull of an intelligent assistant that can go through the data and segregate the necessary and the unnecessary data, Windows will put forward yet another breakthrough in the sphere. With the launch of cross platform standalone application of Cortana, the user reach is expected to multiply exponentially, leading to a much better prospect for the Windows makers.

The desktop version of Cortana expected to be coming with Windows 10 will also serve a similar purpose, allowing the Microsoft the much needed addition to Windows. In the recent past, Microsoft has done quite a few things, which has allowed the company to develop better market relations. The most prominent being the launch of a much improved version of Office for Mac. The experts believe that the steps taken by Microsoft under CEO Satya Nadella, has allowed the company to make amends to the falling efficiency of the company.

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