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Check out these rising and helpful iPhone/Android apps of 2015

We are already in the 3rd month of the year 2015 and the app libraries for smartphones have been updated to a whole new level. In this market of competition, new apps are being developed almost every single day. Some of them make it big while others are just another addition to the immense world of apps. Here is a list of top 10 apps that you could benefit from in 2015.

1. Libreoffice Viewer (Android)best-mobile-apps-2015

Although only in its beta stage, LibreOffice Viewer for Android has already made a lot of noise in the app market. Available in the Google Play, LibreOffice Viewer is a document viewing app which is slowly replacing the monopoly of Microsoft in the same. As it is only in the beta testing phase, so it is obvious that the app has some bugs which are being fixed by the team of developers. Still, it is good to see an official appearance that the app offers.

2. Duet Display (iPhone)

Duet gives your iPhone a dual monitor appearance when connected to your Mac. You need to download the app on your phone and the extension on your Mac and then install and connect it via the data cable to make your phone an extension of your PC. Various resolutions are available for better visualization.


3. Keeply (iPhone)

Keeply is the perfect app for your iPhone which takes privacy to a whole new level. All of us have images which we do not want to share in public. Keeply makes a separate “safe” for all those stuff which remains protected by a pin or TouchID, so that only you can have access to them.


4. Lightroom (iPhone, Android)

The mobile version of the popular Adobe Lightroom has already gained a lot of popularity among the Android and iPhone. It is easy to use and helps in organizing all the mobile clicks. It also allows to sync the photos with the PC version. The only backlog being that this app store all the photos in the internal phone memory.

5. Facebook Lite (Android)

Facebook Lite is basically a smaller version of the original app meant for people with low budget Android phones. It’s only about 1 KB and offers all the basic features of Facebook without the additional frills. It’s perfect for the 2G users and is available on Google Play.


6. Asana (Android, iPhone)

Asana is a task managing app available in the Android Play Store and iOS App Store. It organizes all the tasks which you and your team are working on instead of keeping them scattered all over the email. It also helps you to check a task when it’s complete and notifies your teammates too.


7. Lego Bionicle (Android)

Mild natured and no in app purchase makes Lego Bionicle a great experience for both kids and adults. With pretty cool graphics and control system, this game allows you to save the Lego heroes by eliminating certain bad guys. Available on Play Store, Lego Bionicle, amazingly, completely free.


8. Burgerapp (Android, iPhone)

Are you dying to have a juicy, delicious burger, but you can’t find a good burger joint around? All you need is the Burgerapp. This app helps you find the best burger joint around London and even helps you to make your own burger. With the help of this app all the best burger places get mapped before your eyes for you to pick and choose.


9. Scanbot (Android, iPhone)

Scanbot app for iOS and Android is a great supplement of all the scanning apps available in the market. It allows you to take a picture of the document and edits it to keep only the important parts. It even uploads it in the iCloud so that it is available on your other Apple devices as well.


So, these are all my favorite picks when it comes to find out best mobile apps that will be huge in 2015. Do let us know which of these apps you like to use in your smartphone.

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