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HBO’s Programming President wants Game of Thrones to last for 3 more seasons

It is ironical that while several characters, and important ones at that, regularly die off in extremely dramatic turning points in the Westeros saga, the HBO network is not very keen on a timely pull out of the Game of Thrones series which airs exclusively on it. In an interview given to Entertainment Weekly HBO programming President Michael Lombardo stated that he would love the show to go on for 10 years.game-of-thrones

This might delight or alarm fans depending on what each expects from the series even as the GoT storyline has entered into its fifth season which will start airing soon exclusively on the HBO network. The fifth season will also see a divergent storyline as R.R. Martin’s books have been released only till the fourth season. From this season onwards it will become a double delight for fans who would now be able to savor divergent storylines in the upcoming television series and the future book releases from Martin’s writing table.

However, the show runners of GoT, D.B. Weiss and David Benioff envision their series to climax on the seventh season. This divergence in mindset regarding GoT’s future is inevitable, especially after considering the different aims of the show runners and HBO programming executives.

While the show’s massive ratings and immense popularity drives HBO towards pushing for a far longer series run, the show’s developers do not want to stretch seasons by unnecessarily diluting the storyline. Weiss and Benioff have also been reported to have said that they would prefer the show to climax perfectly at its highest note rather than get pulled out because no one wants to watch the show anymore.

There have also been talks of a GoT movie as well, and Lombardo addressed talk of a movie too. The voices for a movie based finale have come from many quarters including R.R. Martin,who proposed that the final season could be wrapped up with a feature length movie. But that idea, despite its novelty, has not moved Lombardo enough to seriously work on the same as he does not want to shift the comfort zone of HBO’s audience which started watching the Westeros saga on television.

Lombardo feels that the audience must finish the series on television itself and any attempts to shift their screens might dull their experience of the entire storyline. In spite of all of the above, GoT fans can take heart in the fact that the series will last at least three more seasons, including this year’s.

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