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Buy Samsung Galaxy S6 – But, Read This Before Making A Decision

Galaxy S6 is a new model with superb glossy look of the leading smartphone-maker Samsung. The glasswork and metal engraving are undoubtedly praiseworthy. However, this handset has not earned much credit from mobile users who are not satisfied with the mere structural elegance. They want some innovative features which are not available in this handset. So, check out 6 reasons not to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 and let us know what are your reasons to buy one.samsung-galaxy-s6

1. Same Look Makes People Unhappy

Galaxy S6 smartphone is not up to the mark and its design is same with a little brush up changes in the color contrast. So ultimately, its earlier edition of Galaxy S5 has the same look with little variance in design. So customers are not interested to lay their hands on this latest handset in spite of glossy appearance.

2. S6 with Low Energy Efficiency

Whether Galaxy S6 smart phone is cost effective and energy efficient depends on the battery life. There are many negative points to mention. However, the severe drawback is its less powerful battery compared to Galaxy S5 model.

3. Galaxy S6 –Not Up to the Mark

When this Galaxy S6 handset was designed and then reset at the company’s workstation, people came to know about the exact shape of this handset in advance. So, before being launched to the market, customers got information about the look, color contrast and design of this smart phone. So charm has been spoiled to have a look at this handset on the internet. It reduces the popularity of this smart phone to some extent.

4. Low Color Pixels/Resolution – A Drawback

Critics have highlighted low color resolution which is not modified. 2560 x 1440 pixel QHD resolution is not upgraded. So customers are not pleased to use this handset. However, picture displaying is better with a higher data storage space. Smartly speaking, youngsters want more gorgeous pictures to display. 557 Pixels every inch on the touch screen are not sufficient to produce the natural effect on the visual presentation of digital snapshots.

5. Low Energy Efficiency Level

Customers who are economical search for powerful smart phones with higher energy efficiency level. They don’t want to spend money to replace batteries frequently. They want faster service without spending huge amount of energy/fuel. Truly speaking, this new edition is not capable of providing longer backup during emergency. That means, the battery life expectancy is not satisfactory.  The available strength of the micro battery is 2550mAh only. At first, customers expected that there would be good news about the replacement of the old batteries. However, at least they didn’t get expected result as this smart phone has lack of strength to save the energy of the battery.

It is the major drawback. However, in a news release, the management of the company has claimed that it is not a severe breakdown. With the help of powerful recharger, one can power the battery soon within the span of 10 minutes. Consumers are confused whether they will have to wait for another superb handset in the upcoming monsoon. The stereotyped look has discouraged young sweethearts who are desirous of getting some innovative cell phones with wonderful decoration.  They don’t negotiate with the style and color contrast of the smart phones. Perhaps Galaxy S6 will not energize them to go to the departmental stores to buy this handset on the spot.

6. No Micro SD Card Slot Available in Galaxy S6

Small but visible defects have also been surfaced by experienced mobile users. According to them, Micro SD card slots are unavailable in this handset. So it is a minus point to let customers to have a faster switchover to opt for the best handset. It is a prominent reason of the reduction of energy level of people to purchase Galaxy S6 model. The dashing and dynamic look of Galaxy S5 is still impressive to lure next generation. They don’t want to compromise when they shop online to have sophisticated flip top smart phones at the reasonable prices.

So, you need to decide faster whether you are comfortable to handle this smart phone. Well, many believe that this Galaxy S6 is not water resistant. My Goodness! It is a fault on the part of the company. This handset will be damaged when it is drenched in water droplets. The interior decoration will be smashed and discolored.  So hurry up to have a new smart phone which is water proof with good resilience.  You must be a good buyer and therefore it is your job to find the best handset.

Last but not the least, if you are not experienced, come on to hit the internet to go through some current product reviews before planning to bring home this sleek smart phone.

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