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HBO CEO Richard Plepler announced HBO Now at the BIG Apple event

Every channel today may be science, discovery or any other genre has a special exclusive program which becomes a trademark program of their channel and everybody remembers the channel with the help of that particular elite show. Many channels in that way has been able to earn huge profits as they all have a brand show which helps taking their channel forward. The newest member of this list is HBO. The particulars of HBO Now, announced by HBO CEO Richard Plepler Monday at a big Apple product launch event in San Francisco29940_HBO_Boutique_Hero2

For the past few months HBO has been making its viewers wait for its brand show that was supposed to be launched earlier. But better late than never, HBO has decided to launch its marquee show for a period of 3 months, which will be a trail period and will be free for its viewers for the initial months. If it succeeds, the channel will continue with the program with a $15 per month charge.

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And after years of expectations, discussions, analysis and inquiries, the process of the revealing the cable package has started in a real way. The service takes HBO out of dominant cable providers, such as Comcast and Times Warner Company (TMC), and puts it directly and exactly in the hands of consumers, whether or not they pay for 200 other channels.

HBO is in such a special and exceptional position that it does not need any kind of exaggeration. For one, it holds some of the most prominent, profitable and exclusive content available on television. Customers have not only proven that they will pay $15 a month for access to their content, but in some cases will pay more than $100 on top of that just for access at all, as was required, until the announcement of HBO Now.

It’s now up the cable corporations to go ahead of their trend of pricey packages  and offer smaller and more affordable channel packages with online access to keep the audiences of the future loyal.

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