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Google reveals new Android 5.1 Lollipop with HD voice calls, protection and more

On its official blog, technology giant Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced Android Lollipop 5.1 upgrades. Available for select Nexus devices, the upgrade adds many additional features to Google’s popular mobile operating system. Multiple SIM card support and increased stability with performance enhancement is available on Lollipop devices now. The over to air upgrade can be obtained via select carriers.google-android-lollipop

The upgrade, which also provides carrier provisioning through new API has introduced total 14,686 changes in the operating system. Many Lollipop users complained about the absence of silent mode as it only provides vibration modes.

The other issues faced by users like memory leak, random crashing of dialer and SMS app. Telecom service providers can now create their own customized apps which can allow users to complete network related tasks. The new APIs has facilitated developers to spread these apps through Google play store.

No matter on which sound mode your phone is working on, LED notification will be fully functional.

Another ground breaking feature added to an upgrade is device protection. The lost Android phone can’t be used unless you sign in through your Google account.  Even the factory reset option will not surpass this condition.

Google Executive David Burke, who works for Android platform further added in the blog post that the new security feature will be available on almost all phones shipped with Android 5.1. All Nexus phablets and tablets are upgradable to 5.1 version of the world’s most used mobile OS.

Crystal-clear HD voice feature is powered by T-Mobile and Verizon for calls between Android 5.1 devices.  Bluetooth pairing and connecting to WiFi can be handled through quick controls due to this new upgrade.

Previous version Android (Lollipop 5.0) faced several issues like draining battery life. It also slowed down the device in several cases.  The latest market research survey in March suggests that Lollipop is installed on only 3 percent devices.

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